Here's How It Works

In just a few steps to the bonus

1. Enter code

Simply enter the code, click on «Redeem» and go to the bonus overview. Here you can see the balance of your voucher directly.

2. The choice is yours

Choose your favourite Voucher from our Catalog. You can use your balance for a single or multiple vouchers and also from different Brands.

3. Done

Your selected Vouchers will be sent to you by E-Mail within a few Minutes (max. 24 Hours). Happy shopping!



Just enter your Code in the Field at the top of this Page and the available Amount is shown to you.

Yes, you can. Your current balance will be shown directly

This depends on which date was communicated to you. Please ask us for the Date.

Please try to enter it on different devices and/or networks. If it is still not working, please contact us. Please keep in Mind, that we can't replace codes that were used by someone else.

Please check from time to time, if there are other Vouchers you can afford with the left over Balance. It will expire after the communicated Expiry Date.


Please see in our Footer the Links for Contacting us and place a request.

The best is, you contact the Voucher-Partner directly in any case of Support. If they cannot Help, please contact us as well to find a Solution.

This depends on each Voucher. Please check the Terms and Conditions and at least the validty Date on the PDF you've received.

No. All orders are final and cannot be refunded or changed. Please choose your Vouchers carefully.


You will see the selection after you've entered a Valid Voucher Code.

No, you can't. The Voucher can only be used on our site to get exchanged into other Brand-Vouchers.

They can change from time-to-time.

Don't worry. is the technical Plattform you're on it, but it's White-Labelled to our Client. Offerz AG is the Partner of the Client which offers the System. So if you see these Names somewhere, no Problem - it's fine.